About Us

My goal is to exceed the expectations of all my clients.

Ryan Walsh

What Do We Do?

We deliver superior accounting solutions to all our clients by leveraging the latest technology allowing us to deliver the most cost effective solutions in the industry.

When talking with our clients we build a relationship with them and tailor our services to help them meet their goals.

  • We service clients globally
  • QuickBooks & Xero Certified.
  • Cloud based bookkeeping and payroll services.

Why We Do It?

We wanted to break the mold of the traditional accounting firm by focusing on adding value to our clients. The traditional accounting firm's focus for many years has been on billing the client as many hours as possible. So in the end all you get is a big bill instead of the tailored services that you desire. In most "old school" accounting firms the client's are nickled and dimed and surprised whenever their bill is presented. Where as we strive to be the adviser that our clients turn to whenever they need advice.

Encompass Accounting is setting itself apart from other "old school" accounting firms by utilitzing technology and embracing customer service while offering an affordable pricing structure that is designed to help small businesses grow.

Our goal is to be the most client focused accounting firm in the industry.



The number of states we services as well as globally.

of Pages

In the United States Tax Code. We are prepared to research all of these to help you keep more of what you earn.

of Fortune 500 Companies

Are based in Delaware. Their is a reason why these companies are based in Delaware. Let us help you form your Delaware company today.

of Small Businesses

Get fined for doing payroll incorrectly.

How We Got Started

Encompass Accounting was started when the founder, Ryan, knew that he could deliver a more cost effective, client focused accounting solution.

Our founder, Ryan, has spent his entire professional career in the accounting industry in Delaware. From those experiences Ryan realized that the accounting industry needed to take a more client focused approach in order to serve clients better. This sparked his entrepreneurial spirit to form his own accounting firm in April of 2015.

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